Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Insurance Protection and Cancer

Even the words, "life insurance," sound like a misnomer. I mean, how can anybody be assured of living when so many illnesses, like cancer, lung disease, and AIDS are killing people by the thousands every day?

A car crash can take your life in seconds. A house fire can demolish clothing, people, and animals. Hurricanes and tornadoes can wipe out the family home, leaving everything in shambles.

When I was younger I never thought of getting life insurance. If my job offered it as a perk, I didn't balk about paying the premiums, but I never actively sought out life insurance.

And then I got cancer and suddenly insurance in all forms seemed important. Funny thing about cancer and health insurance though. If you find a company – like Aflac – that pays out money to keep you afloat while you have cancer, you had better catch them BEFORE you get cancer. Otherwise you'll be too late in getting insurance that could have helped you financially.

And if your death results from cancer or any other diseases, have you left your family with enough resources to take care of themselves?

Life insurance is meant to be proactive and to provide protection for your loved ones. If you die and your family loses the home that kept them warm and comfortable, what will happen to them? Where will they go?

The "funny" thing about sudden illness, and cancer in particular, is that just because nobody in your family has ever had it doesn't preclude you from developing breast cancer or other diseases.

What if Mom was an only child? If she had had sisters, one of them might have developed breast cancer. Unbeknown to you and your mother, your great great grandmother died from the disease, but nobody knew how she died.

It could happen. When my mother found out I had breast cancer, she couldn't understand how I got it when nobody in her – or my father's – family had ever had it. And then, when she told family members about my cancer, she discovered two cousins and an aunt who had had breast cancer.

Unless you are getting state aid for your medical conditions, I would highly recommend getting insurance from a REPUTABLE company, not one of those companies you pay into for years and years, and then, when you get the disease you've been hoping you would never get, they decide you're no longer insurable.

Research. Find reputable companies who pay what they promise they will pay.

Start your search by getting cheap life insurance quotes from TLI. They offer cheap life insurance quotes, family insurance coverage, whole term life, and life insurance plans.

Research proves that one in six women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Look around you. If every female member of your family has been fortunate in NOT getting breast cancer, thank God.

If any possibility exists that you or a member of your family could develop breast cancer, or any of a number of diseases in your lifetimes, contact TLI for an insurance quote. Not every woman who develops breast cancer will die from the disease, but do you want to risk losing the family home if you are someone who dies without leaving your family protected?

Dusty Springfield, Linda McCartney, Lyn Redgrave, and a number of other women who died from breast cancer were fortunate in that their surviving family members were well cared for. Are yours? If not, please click TLI Family Insurance for a free quote.

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  1. Insurance is one of those things that you don't need until you need it.

    I have more than enough life insurance, in fact, I need to revisit what I have to see if I can save money by cancelling some of it.

  2. Life is unpredictable and disease can catch anybody, so well prepared for it. Take the insurance from a reputed and well-known company, so that you can get support in future with the guarantee.