Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nolan and the Gasp – Sometimes Good Ideas Can Be Scary

Today Nolan asked me for a snack and headed off to the pantry to locate one.

While he was opening the door to the pantry and after he turned on the light, I noticed bananas on the counter and a light bulb went off in my brain – we could make smoothies instead!

As Nolan opened the pantry door, I dramatically gasped to alert him to the fact that I had just come up with a great idea.

Instead of being happily surprised by my idea, three-year-old Nolan had quite a different reaction to my gasp. He immediately slammed the door, ran to the open space under the counter where I was standing, and hid beneath it.

Afraid of dark spaces, Nolan thought I gasped because something was hiding behind the pantry door. His reaction reminded me of my reactions every time his mother, aunts, and uncle nearly forced me off the road with their gasps while I was driving.

The only danger today was the possibility that Nolan would crack his head on the counter as he dived beneath it.


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