Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Home With No Stains

I don't know anybody with kids who doesn't have stains of some sort – actually I do know a couple of people. I have to credit my mother and my sister as being the only people I know who managed to keep their homes spotless while raising children. Always. Well, except for the year we had fire and flood damage (fire because of an actual fire and flood because of all the water they used to put out the fire).

But other than that one time, my mother kept the home pristine. How was that possible to maintain a sparkly clean home while raising young children, you ask?

My mother installed a shower by the back door where my sisters and I had to disrobe – at the door – and then jump in the shower before we could enter the house.

OK, I'm kidding, but seriously, our home was immaculate. We had to take off all outwear at the back door. We, and everybody else who entered the home, had to remove our shoes. We were not allowed to eat anywhere but in the kitchen at the kitchen table where vinyl flooring sat dry beneath mother-monitor-eyes that examined each bite and drink we swallowed, ready to leap into action should one tiny crumb or one drop of milk splatter anywhere but on the table.

Today parents are more relaxed about allowing their kids to eat everywhere in the house. And everywhere includes the couch, the carpet, and even the bed.

Those L-shaped couches are big and beautiful, but if you allow kids to eat food on them you will soon learn about how suede furniture cleaning warranties don't cover more than just a couple of stains. A family I know learned that lesson the hard way. They also learned that not every cleaner recommended for suede furniture actually works.

What they probably should have done was use fabric protection prior to using the furniture. But who looks at brand new furniture and sees the potential damage that a tiny spot of milk can leave?

Furniture isn't the only thing that suffers damage from food and drink. Maybe I should have protected my carpet too. In three short years, the damage to my carpet has been significant. I really need some professional carpet cleaning services or maybe just some good rug cleaning supplies.

In the meantime, it's nearly Spring and time to take care of the outside of my home. I need a good power washing company, like the ones my friends in Austin and Dallas use, The Steam Team.

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