Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jokes Accidentally – Day #10 from the A-Z Challenge

I'm not really a fan of made-up jokes. I prefer natural humor, humor that just happens – reality humor – and comics who exaggerate funny incidents that really happened or that could happen, like Ellen does on her television show.

My favorite comics on Last Comic Standing related actual anecdotes from their own lives and then embellished them with amusing details. Reality is funny.

The makers of the predictive auto correct mode for our cell phones must have known that. Either that or they had backgrounds in the humor industry, too, because it appears that our predictive text messaging system has been playing jokes on us since it first came out with auto correct.

Today, Blog Reader, the joke is on you. Well not actually ON you – FOR you. If you have auto-correct on your smart phone, you'll enjoy reading Auto Correct Mode Makes For Funny Smart Phones Text Messages (click the link for some hilarious accidental text messages). WARNING: reading the links I've provided in that blog can be quite addictive, and you'll probably be able to relate to LOTS of them.

Like so many others who've looked at what they've written after they've pushed SEND, I have created HUGE text messaging mistakes. Every time Auto Correct changes my flawless ;) message into something that is sometimes X-rated(!), I have to ask myself if the creators of predictive auto correct foresaw what would happen.

Remember that old saying, "laughing all the way to the bank"? I think the inventors of predictive text did. And yeah, the joke is on us.

That completes Day #10 from the A-Z Challenge. Brought to you by the letter, J. 

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  1. Thank you for a GREAT J, Theresa. Auto correct affects us in many ways these days, lol. Texting is often interesting too.

    Oh and I think you may not know but I dedicated my F post to you. I do adore your versatility and style and that's a fact.

    Hope your day is going great!! ☺

  2. LOL I had no idea this existed. I have never texted and don't have a smartphone, but that site is hilarious

  3. I don't text, but glad to meet you anyway.

  4. These are funny, makes me glad I don't have an iphone.

  5. I've gotten a giggle out of these too! Fun post!