Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Kid That Wasn't Named Ker – Day #11 from the A-Z Challenge

One of my favorite friends of all time, from the time we were in grammar school, is my Beatles-loving friend, Denise.

Her father, God rest his soul, drove two hysterical teenagers from the south suburbs of Chicago to Comiskey Park (White Sox Stadium) to watch the Beatles in concert one hot August day in 1965. I wrote about that experience in my article, Commemorating John Lennon's 70th Birthday, October 9, 2010: The Day John Lennon Waved at Me.

But beyond being Beatles buddies, Denise has always held a special place in my heart. Years and even months may pass, but we always manage to pick up where we left off.

One year, when she was pregnant with one of her sons, I recommended a name for him – Ker. She was not amused. Their last name was Plunk.

And that completes Day #11 from the A-Z Challenge. Brought to you by the letter, K.

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  1. haha I love your sense of humor!
    Thanks for the giggle.

  2. I just choked on my cup of tea reading that! *rotfl* Thanks for the giggle! (I am cruel, if my last name was Plunk, I would totally call my kid Ker!)

  3. You just know if they'd named the child Cary or Kerry that's what would have happened in school and the child would have never let them forget it! LOL

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    The Frustrated Foodie

  4. So funny - but glad she declined your offer! That'd be as bad as Rose Bush. :0

  5. I have a friend named Crystal Ball. Her dad is Quinton, or Q Ball. ;o)

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Great 'K' post. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  6. You crack me up. I wondered what you were up to with this title. Excellent.

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  7. FUNNY! I love those kinds of friends--the ones who remain near and dear, no matter how many months of miles separate us. Fun post!

    My “K” post is right here:

  8. That is too cute!

    Stopping by from the A to Z challenge. I hope you will wander over to my neck of the woods and check out my blog.


  9. Well I can't say that I blame her on that one.

  10. And you know someone else out there would have named their kid what you suggested. How cruel!

  11. Love your sense of humor!

    Visiting and exploring blogs via the A to Z Blog challenge.