Saturday, April 16, 2011

Networked Blogs on Facebook

Today's blog will appear in two places, My Heart Blogs to You (for the A-Z challenge) and Writing Creatively (formerly Writer of Blogs), because the information in this blog is intended for writers.

Anyone who has a blog, unless the blog is a personal diary, wants somebody, other than family and friends, to read their blog(s). And, if you're like me, with a family the size of a small city, where only two of the residents read your blogs, you'll want to know how to reach more people.

The way to get people to read your blog is by networking. And one of the best places to promote your blog, other than Twitter, is through Networked Blogs on Facebook.

I have eight blogs registered with Networked Blogs, and I like being part of a community that invites readers to read, to share, and to comment. I would like to extend an invitation to you as well. All of my blogs appear at the end of this paragraph, along with links to my Associated Content from Yahoo! page and my Xomba page.

Your Weird Dreams

Your Blog Connection

Help For Single Parents 

My Heart Blogs To You

Writing Creatively

Paranormal Minds

Product Favorites

Theresa Wiza's Blog 

My Associated Content Articles

My Xomba Articles 

To register your blog(s), click HERE.

Let me know where your blog is located. I will follow you!

And that completes Day #14 from the A-Z Challenge. Brought to you by the letter, N. 

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  1. Thank you Theresa. I've decided to revive my aromatherapy blog so that will be the first one I try to network. If I ever find a focus for the other one, I'll network that too.

  2. Thanks for this info! I'm registering mine now.

    I'm blogging through the A to Z Challenge too:

  3. I have all four of my blogs at Networked Blogs. It's a networking tool that I don't take full advantage of and I need to remedy that.

  4. I find that more of my friends online read my blogs than my family. Maybe I need to shake them lol.
    Thanks again:)

  5. Great post. I like using Networked Blogs to keep up with and discover blogs. I don;t have mine there though because it auto-posts them to facebook and I have another more-preferred tool doing that right now. If you know how I can have my blogs on there without it auto-posting to facebook, I'll add all 25 of my blogs. :)

    One place I'm blogging for the challenge:

  6. Great post! I only have Networked Blogs for the auto-post functionality but need to explore the tool more...

  7. I've now joined the network. Thanks for pointing the way.

    Another A-Z Challenger stopping by to visit. You can find me at:
    The Frustrated Foodie

  8. I will start using the networked blogs also - since I have quite a few blogs - thank you for pointing it out. My newest art blog is
    And the one I've been most active on lately:

  9. I just signed up with networked blogs about an hour ago. I guess I've been on Pluto because I really wasn't aware of it. lol

  10. Thank you for the tip. I need to look into adding mine. I’m stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  11. Yeah, I need to add mine to networked blogs. Thanks for the prompt.

    I’m A-Z Blogging on Langley Writes about Writing and Langley’s Rich and Random Life